Just Thinkin’ About Calendars

Shopping for a new calendar has become something of an annual ritual for me. I spend hours paging through the many options, searching for the perfect one. I am often tempted to buy several, but finally settle on those with the right size spaces and the best pictures.

When I was teaching, that meant a weekly planner for my home desk, a monthly version for the bathroom wall, a small one for my purse, and a lesson planner for my school desk. Since retiring, I have simplified my life. I now keep two monthly calendars, one in the bathroom and one on the desk. My system seems to work, for now at least.

As I hang my brand new 2017 calendar adorned with cute puppies, I look at the fresh pages with anticipation. No commitments, no mistakes, no bad days; only possibilities.

Of course, a few commitments have already been made. 2017 will see a couple of weddings, Monday bowling, Saturday  morning coffee with friends, and Wednesday afternoons at the elementary school reading with second graders.

What will I write on the rest of the squares? There is something inviting, perhaps even exciting, about those blank spaces. I hope to write something positive in each; and while I’ve lived long enough to know there will be some days when I wish for do-overs, I will strive for the positive.

I wish you 365 fresh new calendar spaces on which to write your positives for 2017.

Happy New Year.



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