Just Thinkin’ about Water

It’s snowing again and I’m crabby. Friends across social media have been making the same complaint. This has become one of those winters. We here in southern Idaho enjoy a temperate climate and don’t usually get this much snow. What we do get usually melts within a couple of days. This year, though, the storms seem to be on the every-other-day plan. One storm after another has come along before the previous snow has melted into the ground. The snow blower has gotten quite a workout this year.

I shouldn’t complain. I am warm. I have food in the pantry. I am safe and well-fed (perhaps too well). I have plenty of reading material and projects around the house to keep myself busy. An NCIS marathon is running on television, so my Mark Harmon fix is not in danger. Many are not that fortunate.

Snow turns into water, an important resource in this high desert, agricultural area. If this weather continues, farmers in the area can look forward to a better water year, following a season or two of drought.

The topic of water has been on my mind a lot lately. The Bible study I attend has been following the theme of water throughout the Bible. It is a universal theme. According to Come to the Waters by Judy Record Fletcher, there are more than 800 references to water in the Bible.

As I think about this life-sustaining resource, I think about the 663 million people worldwide who do not have access to clean water.* I pray for them.

I think about children who cannot go to school because they have to spend their days acquiring water for their families. I pray for them.

I think about the children of Flint, Michigan who face severe developmental damage due to lead in the water. I am angry. The situation was entirely preventable. I pray for them.

I wonder how many other communities across the United States face similar situations. I pray for them.

I think about how I take water for granted and how often I waste it. I pray for forgiveness.

There must be something I can do. I pray for guidance.

I can become more conscientious about the water I use. I can look for ways to be less wasteful.

I can educate myself. When pertinent, I can ask my local, state and national representatives to take action to ensure our communities safe, ready and affordable access to clean water.

Water is a precious resource. As I look out the window at the continuing snowstorm, I give thanks for it.

* http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/water-and-sanitation



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