…about Time

It’s been a difficult winter. Snow kept us housebound for a few weeks. A few other things happened that I won’t complain about here; it’s been one thing after another. Needless to say, I have spent the past two and a half months spinning my wheels and not accomplishing much. As the weather warms and spring nears, I am finally beginning to get busy and do some spring cleaning and work on other projects. I need to make up for lost time. Daylight Savings Time just robbed me of one more hour.

Since the switch to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, I have spent the week convincing myself that it’s “really only ___ o’clock” even though the clock shows one hour later. I’ll adjust in a couple of weeks. This fall when we switch back to Standard Time, I’ll follow the opposite line of thinking.

Daylight Savings Time is something of an odd concept. I understand the desire to shift  daylight from the beginning of the day to the end; but why keep going back and forth? It doesn’t make much sense to me that we willingly throw everyone and everything off schedule twice a year, risking higher numbers of heart attacks and traffic accidents, just to have our daylight in the right place. Why don’t we just decide once and for all, and leave the time alone?

We live in a world in which people disagree on so much. We disagree on religion, how to govern, how to distribute wealth, how to insure the populace, how to educate our children, climate change and other science. Heck, we can’t even agree on who should use which bathroom.

Common wisdom tells us to look for what unifies us instead of dwelling on what divides us.

Time just may be the one thing we all agree on. After allowing for geography and time zones, nearly every member of the human race knows what time it is.

It’s five o’clock somewhere.

big ben 5 o'clock

Photo: http://www.bbc.co.uk/staticarchive/87b328f434a981fd34e6466c6054604327d740c0.jpg


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